Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I've once read that if a person appears in your dream, in a psychological-ish way, it means that that person is missing you. how true is this, i haven't go a clue. maybe i should do a study on this for my final year project .

I've never really been the type who like to sleep. i still remembered when i was little how sucky it feels like to be forced to take a nap in the evening or to go to bed early at night. it was not like i had anything better to do like watching the teevee or anything. i just don't like sleeping. but when i'm asleep, i really hate waking up :B

on the contrary, when it comes to dreams (or nightmare in some occasion) I've had many collections of them. i think i'm a very active astral projector like that kid in the Insidious movie. its like my astral body has a mind of its own. whenever i'm asleep it would immediately get out and celebrate the freedom by running around naked in the land of dreams. does that make sense?

enough nonsense. since today is a very boring day, i ought to make it more interesting by sharing about my TOP 5 WEIRDEST DREAMS EVER. enjoy :)

1. WHEN THE SULTAN OF JOHOR (father-in-law) AND HIS SONS VISITS ME  :D (visit or masuk meminang i couldn't remember i woke up too soon T.T)
this is hands down THE most amazing dream i've ever had *starry eyes*. everyone who knows me know that 'marrying a Johor royal prince' has been on my to-do list since i laid my eyes on them. hewhew. i think my obsession and strong determination has affected the unconscious part of my brain resulting in such dream. this does not happen once, but twice. yes, TWICE. maybe i should find a new ambition -.-

not just being in it, i was THE main character in it. so instead of having Harry Potter, you have Farah Potter :D me and my roommate Fatini used to speak to each other in British accent whenever we want to cheer each other up. and she would make the best impersonation or Mary Potter, who according to her is Harry Potter's sister. LOL. in this dream, i remembered shooting a scene where we have to dance a musical number like in high school musical. one messed up dream i tell you.

now now, don't take me as a very itchy (gatal) person for having such dreams. hahaha. the truth is i love babies and i wish i could have one without having to make one with someone, geddit? anyways, i had two dreams about getting preggie. in the first dream, my water just broke an i was in panic mode while in the second i was pregnant nine months but my tummy is so flat i'm afraid to even breathe takut baby terkeluar. hahahaha. but in both dreams, i have no idea who's the father of my baby. that is very very very sad :(

this was a total nightmare. i couldn't get out of it. i remember being alone and very scared and tried very hard to find the guy i'm married to cause i wasn't allowed to see his face during the nikah and he was, i think. avoiding me. and after the nikah our family organised a little party and I WASN'T INVITED. how sadddd to not be invited to your own wedding party :(

i had this dream when i was in form 2 if i'm not mistaken. during the days where i blasted MCR's song on my ipod. ohh, the good days. i was crazy about Gerard back then, me and my friend Ana. in fact, the song I Don't Love You was our theme song for year 2006. in my dream, Gerard and i went out on a date at MPSJ. how weird is thatttt?? maybe because around that time me and my friends would always go to MPSJ to jog and train for sports day. and from there we would walk to taipan and along the way we would sing our heart out to the song I Don't Love You. hahaha. once, i actually believed that i could stand a chance against all the other girls and win Gerard's heard and fate would bring us closer no matter how far apart we were. hahahahaha how naive i was!

so, that is all that i could remember for now. if the theory i stated earlier about 'the person in your dream is actually missing you' is true, then i'm very lucky to have Sultan Ibrahim Ismail and Gerard Way missing me ^__^

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